Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Time to Write

Finals are over for this semester. Also, I've got a two week break from work. Now I can start writing again. Yes, I was writing for a couple of college classes; now i can write the stuff I really want to. What is that? Man, all sorts of stuff. Stuff, about my life, posts for this blog, etc. In the past, I toyed with fiction. That was fun, but very time-consuming. I could start again, but once school starts, work and study would take to much time to allow for any mind-consuming type of writing project. So I shall stick to the more important task of documenting my life. Plus, there is so much philosophy to read. Such as, the Summa in latin (side-by-side with an English translation) not to mention tons of other philosophers: Plato, Aristotle & Boethius of course, also Gilson & Simon etc. But right now, and probably for several years, due to its size, the Summa predominates.

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