Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas & Poetry

  Dear (confused & sweet ) friend who spoke to me on Tuesday.
For me Christmas is always happy... because it rests upon Christ, not upon the different things in my life. If I was irreligious, each Christmas would only be a reminder  of not having a family. Don't know what it means to you.
I wanted to say thank you for talking to me...Am all smiles now...Didn't know what to say...copied a poem for you instead. :) The first poem reminds me of you. (by someone a little confused religiously, yet not totally rejecting God.) The second is a poem you once said you liked. It has a similar feel to the poem you wrote which you once showed me.

The Oxen - Christmas Poem by Thomas Hardy

Make it Snow !
Christmas Eve, and twelve of the clock.
"Now they are all on their knees,"
An elder said as we sat in a flock
By the embers in hearthside ease.

We pictured the meek mild creatures where
They dwelt in their strawy pen,
Nor did it occur to one of us there
To doubt they were kneeling then.

So fair a fancy few would weave
In these years! Yet, I feel,
If someone said on Christmas Eve,
"Come; see the oxen kneel,

"In the lonely barton by yonder coomb
Our childhood used to know,"
I should go with him in the gloom,
Hoping it might be so’


        After one moment when I bowed my head
        And the whole world turned over and came upright,
        And I came out where the old road shone white,
        I walked the ways and heard what all men said,
        Forests of tongues, like autumn leaves unshed,
        Being not unlovable but strange and light;
        Old riddles and new creeds, not in despite
        But softly, as men smile about the dead.

        The sages have a hundred maps to give
        That trace their crawling cosmos like a tree,
        They rattle reason out through many a sieve
        That stores the sand and lets the gold go free:
        And all these things are less than dust to me
        Because my name is Lazarus and I live.

                                                --G. K. Chesterton

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my rat

My pet rat started eating his Clementine slice right away. Awwww!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I am enjoying this break so dang much!

More Time to Write

Finals are over for this semester. Also, I've got a two week break from work. Now I can start writing again. Yes, I was writing for a couple of college classes; now i can write the stuff I really want to. What is that? Man, all sorts of stuff. Stuff, about my life, posts for this blog, etc. In the past, I toyed with fiction. That was fun, but very time-consuming. I could start again, but once school starts, work and study would take to much time to allow for any mind-consuming type of writing project. So I shall stick to the more important task of documenting my life. Plus, there is so much philosophy to read. Such as, the Summa in latin (side-by-side with an English translation) not to mention tons of other philosophers: Plato, Aristotle & Boethius of course, also Gilson & Simon etc. But right now, and probably for several years, due to its size, the Summa predominates.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Comments by Readers

So far, no one has made a comment on any post. Come on guys, get with it!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Monday was a busy busy day, but really good!
     I had an extra class teaching first-graders. I teach music at an Elementary/Middle school. The kids are so sweet in every day. But the little kids are especially charming. Some of the first grade girls always want to hug  me. As I was trying to begin class on Monday, one started hugging me, then the others got their arms around me at the same time. And they wanted to remain in that position, but i had to start class. I never see this happening to the other teachers and sometimes I wonder what they think of it. Have never heard any remarks or anything.
     The class lasted an hour. It was mostly improvised. Partway through, I ended up holding up kids' drawings one by one for the others to see. Everybody was so happy. There's no need for rock hard boundaries between subjects. 

Our Lady Of Guadalupe | Relation of the Apparitions |

Our Lady Of Guadalupe | Relation of the Apparitions |

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weird quote

This makes me smile... :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dr. Who

I cried during an episode of Dr. Who. (from season 4)
How embarrassing. :) Especially as I didn't cry for a year and a half (til a few weeks ago) and not for four or more years before that. And season four isn't even my favorite. Season five is, because that Doctor is so sweet and so nice.