Saturday, January 26, 2013

Only Person

There is only one person around whom I live in the moment. Around whom I LISTEN to what he is saying, hanging on his every word, without the noise of my own thoughts in the background. And he listens to me. He doesn't say a lot; just a few words; he listens. And I listen to his silence, to his few words, to his sounds when he understands. And I sense everything he is feeling.

Super Short Post About Nothing Important

Good News,
Based on perusal of other blogs, this one will keep getting better and better as the months go by.
Actually, this should have happened already.   :(   


I am now 99.9% sure I have Aspergers.
I didn't believe the people who told me so. I scored NT (neurotypical) on the online test I took.
Then I found this site:
And I recognised myself in basically everything she wrote. Actually, it explains a lot about my life. Maybe I will write more about this later.