Monday, December 12, 2011


Monday was a busy busy day, but really good!
     I had an extra class teaching first-graders. I teach music at an Elementary/Middle school. The kids are so sweet in every day. But the little kids are especially charming. Some of the first grade girls always want to hug  me. As I was trying to begin class on Monday, one started hugging me, then the others got their arms around me at the same time. And they wanted to remain in that position, but i had to start class. I never see this happening to the other teachers and sometimes I wonder what they think of it. Have never heard any remarks or anything.
     The class lasted an hour. It was mostly improvised. Partway through, I ended up holding up kids' drawings one by one for the others to see. Everybody was so happy. There's no need for rock hard boundaries between subjects. 

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