Monday, November 14, 2011

The Power of the Tongue

Someone said something to me Monday. He used five words. I'm not quoting what he said here.
   Language, words, think about them. Language changes things. The face of the world can be changed, wars started, countries destroyed, through verbal or written commands given by persons of authority.
   Yet, the thing that fascinates me, is the power of words even when nothing external is changed. It's like magic. Nothing can change externally, nothing, yet everything can be different because of a sentence. Isn't there someplace in Frankenstein, a book I never read but may have flipped open and came across this passage, isn't there someplace where he has been observing these people in an Alpine cottage. They speak a  language he does not understand, maybe he doesn't understand language. He observes them making vocal sounds. He sees that these sounds effect them, change them, causing joy sometimes, sorrow, anger, all this when nothing changes externally.
   Someone said something.  It was one sentence, spoken spontaneously. And everything was transformed.

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